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My very first blog post.

The reason(s) why I created this blog post. 

Have you ever read reviews in facebook, in google, in blog posts by bloggers etc that this is good that is good, this food is very nice and recommended but when you travelled so far to try the item, the food tastes like………………………………. Ewwwwwww.. The first thing that came to mind is.. Where got nice? Why this blogger recommend this? Why so many people q-ing up for this? It happens to me all the time when I am trying to find new places for delicious food or trying new items to purchase. Getting upset by all these biased reviews, I decided to create this blog. To blog about anything that I have come across. Anything. Anything that I feel I have to review or just simply speak my mind to be exact. However, I dont deny the fact that the posts might have sponsored posts in future IF it gets too popular. LOL. But dont worry, I will definitely add a “Sponsored Ad”notice in the blog. But having said that, it doesn’t mean sponsored ad will be a good review. Afterall, this is a unbiased reviews blog.

My english is not good. And I use alot of singlish. So dont try to pin-point on them. This blog is written for my personal family and friends. Opened to public but doesn’t mean is written for you. Everything here is my personal opinion and is not related to anybody, anything. Just purely expressing out my reviews here. Or rather, you can say.. A place for me to rant. So please do not find fault here with me. Because… I will not be bothered.. *Wink* 

Disclaimer: I repeat. Everything here is my personal opinion and is not related to anybody, anything. Not to pin-point on anyone or anything.

Picture credit to google.


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