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Hai Di Lao – IMM Outlet at Jurong East

Had dinner at Hai Di Lao @ IMM outlet for my princess xiaomei’s birthday. Had q-ed for a number at around 3pm for a 6pm dinner. (Do note that by taking a number, YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO WAIT according to sequence.) Meaning they only accept actual walk in queue at 6pm. From there then they will follow the sequence. If I take number at 3pm for 6pm dinner, there might still be people coming earlier at 12pm to take number but the q only starts at 6pm. Understand? Best is to book the place weeks before.

As usual, good service are what we went there for. Food I feel is just normal steamboat. If you are really here for the food, I think is nothing special. But service, yes. Very good. They provide you with fruits and tidbits + drink while waiting for your turn to enter the restaurant. They have kids play area for the kids to play while parents is eating.. (But I am not sure if they sanitized the place) Safely wise, I wont leave my kid there to play though. They also have nail services FREE! But it have NEVER reach my turn so far. Hahahaha. I have already been there a couple of times but the q is always so long.. The good thing is they will give you a card to come back nx time without having to eat in the restaurant. But I have so many of the cards that I dont bother to take anymore yesterday.. They will also help you to clean your spectacles and even to paste your handphone screen with protector! But sorry SAMSUNG users, only IPHONE users benefits from it. Not sure why. Lastly, toys for the kids too! Don’t expect good stuffs but as least a simple gesture from them. A cartoon bag or some plastic toys..

But but but.. Yesterday service was quite disappointing. The lady who served us IS NOT providing the service that we are expecting as usual. What are we expecting? Actually nothing much. Just feel happy by their forever smiley faces and their friendly “sure”if you have any request. But the lady yesterday is giving a gloomy face and doesn’t seems happy. She seems like giving a one kind of attitude which you can feel strongly when you ask her to get stuffs. One incident is my mum asked for big bowl. AND SHE ASKED MY MUM TO GO BEHIND THE TABLE AND GET ONE HERSELF! WTF?! Then my sister commented what kind of service is she giving then perhaps she heard while walking behind. She came and asked if anyone wanted MORE BIG BOWLS. I said, nvm la.. Maybe she need to serve many tables that is why she not happy. Then after the dinner, I wanted to request for a happy birthday song for my sis. I asked her if she can help with the request and she said these.. Have you requested when you make reservations? I said no I didnt. Then she said sometimes don’t have such thing if you never request when making booking. I was like huh?! I always request after dinner and your people always gather to sing birthday song. So now change to need to “BOOK IN ADVANCE”for the birthday song? She said no. Sometimes is not available. (I am thinking why not available as only a few staffs gather around to sing Happy Birthday Song with a fruit plate) LOL. Nevertheless she said she will check. AND NEVER CAME BACK…………………… Until I foot the bill and I asked her if they are available. Guess what? She said your people just came back to table and we need time to prepare. I just say orh.. Okie.. Her face still dark as ever..

Lastly the fruit plate came with 2 or 3 staffs singing including the lady who is serving us. Just purely singing with no expressions whereas the rest are singing happily with their smiley face..

Rating for this time:

Service: 5/10

Food: 7/10

Ambience: 6/10 (noisy as crowded which are common in steamboat restaurant)

Waiting time: 1-3 hours depending if you have made reservations or not.

Value for money: 6/10

Will I come again? Yes.

The usual dancing mee guy.. Will dance with the mee to prepare it..
The fried fish skin is not freshly fried. Already “LAO HONG”meaning not crispy so we request to change another plate. Look at the OIL at the mala pot.. So scary…..
The must select food if you are here! The prawns are so sweet!!! (Don’t worry, they can shelve it for you) Other dish is the signature prawn paste. I think is normal. Not bad only.


Simple dishes we ordered. But the bills cost us $222 for 7 adults 1 kid. $4/pax for any chili, condiment and fruits. $3 for the winter melon drink or herbal tea. Chinese tea and water is free. BUT I DON’T UNDERSTAND why they serve us free at waiting area and we will have to pay while dining inside. 😦 And oh yes, condiments cannot share. Means you want to eat, you pay for another pax amount.



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