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Royal Steam Seafood 御蒸香海鲜楼 at Jurong East

No photos. Because.. I don’t even think that I will be writing this post.. Only after dining there then I decided to write.

Driving past there everytime from Westgate/Jem/Imm, feeling curious about this restaurant situated along jurong east area directly IMM Building. This restaurant stands alone and apparently looks great! Seems like a seafood restaurant though..

So one day.. We decided to try it.. Went straight in.. Abit chaotic because seems shorthanded and alot of people are waiting for their food.. See their menu, not impressed. Very little variety for ala-carte Zhi Char style and even for their famous steaming food, very little variety also.

Food was slow, basically they cooked same dishes together and not according to table. Meaning, your food might be served the same time as the one who came that ordered the same dish. So you have to pause your white rice and hang there while waiting for the rest of the dishes to come out 1 by 1. Food is nice though. Their curry fish, sweet & sour pork not bad. Ordered crab, not my taste though. Is those kind with peanuts and not our usual chili crab sauce.. Service.. When I wanted to order crab, I asked if have female crab. This waitress said these to me.. “I don’t know if female or male crab. Even if female crab doesn’t guarantee eggs.” Quite pissed by this remark. Then I proceeded to ask if you can help me ask the kitchen. She literally rolled her eyes and asked the kitchen. Then she said “we are very busy. We will not be able to find out the crabs are female or male anot.” Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. This kind of service… And this makes me strike out my list to come again nx time. Btw their food quite pricey.

Recommended: 6/10

Food: 7/10

Price: 6/10

Service: 6/10

Ambience: 6/10

Will I come again? No.


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