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SK Jewellery at JEM

SK Jewellery Outlet @ JEM (Pic credit to google)

Lousy lousy lousy attitude.. Plain rude I feel..

Okie, that’s what happened.. I was at Jem last week with my mum. Walked pass this SK Jewellery outlet to browse the items outside. Saw the gold “pandora” type of charms and my mum said hey, the charms only $15! cos they put a note that stating $15 off.. With the off super duper small.. So old auntie can only see the $15 and not the off right?

and then I heard someone said…………………….. $15 where can buy gold.? This is Real GOLD. I turned and saw the salesgirl rolling her eyes at my mum and talking sarcastically. Eh hello friend.. Do you need to do this? Is your marketing gimmick for consumers to note that $15 and not the “off” right? So why do you reply in this tone? And naturally, I got pissed and I told my mum loudly that.. Mum, this gold is real gold. 24 pure gold.. $15 cannot buy want.. Where to find $15 gold? $15 is they purposely put there but the “off” they put very small so people will go there and see.

The woman stood there. Looking at me blankly. And yes, another man joined her when I was saying. Young chap. Not sure if manager or sales.

Moral of the story, be kind. Be kind with your words. You never know who you will meet. Especially in service line. Your service sucks big time and I WILL NOT patronize your shop in JEM. And yeah, you are saying the truth. I know.. I am saying the truth too. 🙂



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