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Eyebrow & Eyeliner embroidery

**Not edited/no filter photo**

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Did my eyeliner and eyebrows at one of the salon that the lady boss mentioned they are using organic ingredients. First time was disappointed. My brows are bad esp at the right side of the end. It became dark and patchy. Eyeliner – like never do. Went back to them to do touch up. Another beautician is much better. Shape is there after touch up and eyeliner is visible. But still damage is done at the ends. To be honest I don’t really like it and I have to bear with the La Pi Xiao Xing brows twice. Swollen eyes twice. Both duration for a week. But if from the first time I am with the 2nd beautician, I will get much better results. She is not bad. But not fantastic.

For those keen, please visit Beauty Recipe and look for Jessie. She is the boss of the salon. Tell her you are being recommended by Huiyee BUT do not want the first beautician. This is a sponsored post by the way. But although sponsored, these are my honest opinions. I do not recommend this salon for the first beautician but for the 2nd beautician, still ok but not good enough for this price. But this is what I feel personally as the touch up is really much better but nth to rave about. The price I did for this “natural brows” are $688 or $788. First time is 6D then 2nd time have to do powdered because damaged. Even if save by powdered the 2nd time to cover up, you can still see the ends like shit. Photos may seems okie but real life I dont really like it. Still wondering why did the lady boss asked the first beautician to do for me when she know I will be blogging and posting. (FYI: I heard the first beautician only have about a year experience and not a TEACHER like what the lady boss said.) I felt a bit cheated. Tuhz


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