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Jurong West Swimming Complex

Letter to the Sports Council Singapore. 

Hi, I would like to bring to your attention that the flooring in lazy river pool at Jurong West Stadium is very dangerous. I was with my husband and kid at the swimming complex last sunday 9th April 2017 at around noon 3pm+ and we proceed with the swimming in different pools lastly to the lazy pool river before we left for the day.

I was walking on the right side towards the kids toilet/bathing direction in the pool when I feel a deep cut on my feet. Looked down and saw some tiles broke or something sharp was there. Told my husband I need to go up immediately as it was so painful. To my horror, my toe was bleeding profusely. The whole area that I was standing was full of blood. My husband immediately went to the counter to get some plaster to stop the bleeding. My child stood there in horror.

My husband came back with 2 plasters, and he said he told the counter staff that I had a cut and the flooring is dangerous. Apparently, the auntie just said “ORH!” I am so upset by the incident and I think the sports council should take this seriously.

This is a kids’s swimming complex. Meaning kids will be there. Be it young or old. I am lucky that I am the old who got the deep cut. What happen if my child is walking in the same direction as me and worst still infront of me? I hope the person in charge will take this matter seriously and please give your staffs some training to answer and help the public. Not just a simply “orh”.

In case you are wondering why I took so long to email in to the council if it is so serious, that is because I am not well after that hence I am resting for the past few days.

Please investigate the matter carefully as it concerns the safety of the public and also, to educate your staffs when need to be. I will be looking forward to hear a reply from the person in charge. Thank you

***This is the actual email written by me. No edit or amendments. Let’s see how they reply me. Very upset. This auntie really need some education.. By the way the pool of blood pic is after my husband splashed with water. Initially was more bloody.


Got a reply at 13/4/2017 11:12am

Thank you for writing to Sport Singapore (SportSG).

We are sorry to learn of this incident. We are investigating the matter further and will get in touch with you again soon.

Yours sincerely

*****Latest Update 20/4/2017*****

We refer to your of 12 April and thank you for your patience.

We have investigated the incident of 9 April,  and would like to share our findings with you. We understand that your husband had approached one of our Guest Officers on the day of the incident to request for some plasters. The team had subsequently notified the duty lifeguards to alert them of this incident.

Unfortunately, the staff were unable to find you on-site to further assess your injury. Nonetheless, we had conducted a thorough check around the parameters of the reported incident and can conclude that there were no broken/sharp tiles.

We are sorry if the mannerisms of our staff appear to deflect your situation at that point of time.  We have since reiterated to the team to be more proactive when faced with such a situation. We will continue to have this stressed upon to further enhance guests’ overall experience.

Ms, we would like to assure you that the safety of our guests is of priority with us and we will continue to ensure that facility remains safe and conducive for use.

To this end, we do hope that you are recovering well. Should you need further clarification, do visit the Jurong West Swimming Complex again so that our Centre Managers can further assist you in the best way possible.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We certainly look forward to seeing you and your family again.

*******Update 26/4/2017******

Thank you for your email.

We would to reassure you that the team has conducted an intensive check and could not locate any broken/sharp tiles in the vicinity. We’d also like to add that,prolonged stay in the water may potentially cause skin to soften thus result in minor cuts/tear.

Ms Lian, we welcome you to meet with our Centre Managers on-site so that your concerns can be addressed.

Yours sincerely

My reply to them:

prolonged stay in the water may potentially cause skin to soften thus result in minor cuts/tear?

This is the first time I am hearing that. I only know that it can caused my skin to wrinkle but I didnt know it will cause my skin to soften hence result in minor cuts/tear.
And seriously, do you think that is a minor cut/tear?
There is definitely something sharp in the water that caused my feet to have a cut. Not because skin is soft hence will have cut.
Please investigate again and let me know the outcome.



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