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Waist Pain

Went to this massage spa on Friday at westgate. Always wanted to try them out when I walked past but didn’t as always rushing for time. Finally walked past and to my delight, they are having promotion! I was actually attracted by the $9.90 word but I didn’t take that. I took a 40 mins back massage + 40 mins foot reflexology.  

The foot reflexology was ok, not bad but not fantastic. The back massage was good too and I was full of praises to my husband till I went back home and the pain came. I know it will be painful as usual due to the force exerted on my problem areas. But this time I knew something is not right. 

I couldn’t bend down! My waist is so painful! You know like when you sprained your leg or something then your veins like pull pull feeling? Yah! That’s about it! I waited a few more days till Monday I visited my mum at her place in the east then they recommend me to go TCM TUINA. I feel good after that but even till now is still painful. I couldn’t bend and even need help to wear my shorts. And yes. Undies. WTF?! Will update again to see when it recovers.. Goodness


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